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29) is unwilling to consider the possibility that the now-famous bone box (see left) inscribed "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus" is authentic.

Vedic Roots of Early Tamil Culture By Michel Danino In recent years attempts have been made to cast a new look at ancient India.

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It has generated a quest to know their source of scientific development.

It has been observed that the excavated seals and the tablets are the hoofs of their traces.

For too long the picture has been distorted by myopic colonial readings of India’s prehistory and early history, and more recently by ill-suited Marxist models...

Full Story (Opens in new window) Art History Timelines Comprehensive timelines of art history from all over the world.

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Mythology to History A brief overview of the irrefutable substantial evidence now available which corroborates Vedic statements, timelines, history and innumerable other facts stated in the vast Vedic literatures — much of which unfortunately have previously been regarded as mythology.

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