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It is generally worn at the end of a coronation when the new monarch departs from Westminster Abbey, though it was actually worn during the ceremony by Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, both of whom complained about the weight of the normally used crown, St Edward's Crown.Furthermore, it is worn annually by the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament.

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The cypher design changes, as does that of the coat of arms, upon the accession of a new monarch, and the new cypher is always different from the preceding monarch's.

The design change may include the adjustment of the shape of the crown to distinguish the cyphers.

Crown land in Australia for example is owned by the Commonwealth of Australia NOT the UK and not the Sovereign. In the days of Victoria & Edward VII particularly and the others to a lesser degree there has been a lot of variation in the way that the crowns on badges were portrayed by designers. Many designers over-emphasised the design and many badge collectors now refer to it as the QVC or Queen Victoria Crown.

Sometimes the lines of difference were blurred so much that it is hard to tell which crown was intended. While it is technically incorrect to do so it is in such common usage that it is accepted as "true".

Edward's Crown, with upright, domed sides, whereas George VI's cypher featured a Tudor Crown with sloping sides more like the Imperial State Crown.

However, there are no strict rules regarding the changes in crown design used in a Royal cypher, nor is there a King's Crown used for male monarchs as opposed to a Queen's Crown for female monarchs.Other famous stones include the Stuart Sapphire, the Black Prince's Ruby, and St Edward's Sapphire all set in the Imperial State Crown.A large "Balas ruby" (called the Black Prince's Ruby) is now set into the British Imperial State Crown.The present crown is about the tenth manifestation since the Restoration.It was originally designed and made for Queen Victoria in 1838 to indicate that she was Empress of India.Some of the world's most exceptional and historic precious stones are to be found adorning objects in the collection of crowns & regalia.

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