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I've subsequently found out my Guangzhou university was very prestigious and attracted the best applicants from all over China. Google Maps doesn't work very well so you have to use Baidu maps.A couple of my current students applied there but didn't get in. Software development standards are really low in China, and I've found all Chinese apps really drain my battery. The work permit system is a real hassle and I had to pay to get my China visa and certificates notarised (about 0 in total).The downside is that South Korea has been too cold to visit in Winter. Of course Taiwan needs no introduction if you're a Happier Abroad regular. Over Christmas I went 8 days without seeing a single one.

Not least because it's harder to use UK credit cards overseas now, and China's CTrip is a rip-off for international flight bookings. I mean not even my students speak it well, and they're majoring in either English or Business English. So there are a number of bottlenecks where the traffic is a nightmare. It's generally wealthier here, and more ordinary people have cars. Sure, it was warm when I got here in September, but that's a distant memory now. At least we're warmed by the gulf stream in Winter. Of course it's also cooler, which means bacteria grow a lot more slowly.

They're someway behind the students I met at the Guangzhou university where I studied Mandarin. Of course there are taxis but I had so much problem in Hubei and Guangdong with taxis, and that was with having a Chinese girl to do the arguing for me! In Zhejiang it has been relentlessly cold since early December. It's harder for foreigners to live in China than it was when I was here five years ago.

And the problem with group orientated societies is that it's very difficult to break into said groups.

Especially when you're such an obvious looking foreigner yourself.

And it's about a quarter of the price of China Love Cupid. My Mandarin is better than last time but I've barely learnt any new language since I've been here.

Disappointingly, nobody has tried to cold approach me.There are a few tourist sites here but getting out into the countryside is pretty difficult. There's also rampant discrimination and there's loads of stuff you can't do without a Chinese citizen's ID card.By comparison, in London we even let you foreigners use our hire bicycles and you don't need to show your passport when you buy a train ticket. I can understand more Mandarin now so I have more of an awareness of when people are talking about me. I'm sure they think I'm a spy, especially if I visit one of the working class neighbourhoods near my school. So is my current life better than my old life back in London? Back in London I was pretty much forced to share an apartment with idiots who needed the money, or live in a cupboard under the stairs.Instead I tried dating here, but that's been a total disappointment. I met some incredible ladies in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. I tried China Love Cupid as it worked so well in Guangdong Province.But here in my tier 2 city there just aren't enough ladies on the site to be able to find dates. From IT Geek to Language Teacher My first ever teaching job has gone pretty well.

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