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If you’re unable to find the right guy in this country, then perhaps you might like to think about dating someone from Norway, Iceland or Denmark.And if you’re not too sure about dating a Scandinavian, you can check out men from other nationalities, such as German, Dutch or French.

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Look around during any band performance and the crowd is definitely tuned-in and captured by the powerful sound and talent of the co-ed musicians.

The International Rice Festival Association will be selling Pink Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts this year and donating $5.00 off every t-shirt sold to the Miles Perret Cancer Center Services in Lafayette.

In the past several businesses and financial institutions have helped to sell our souvenirs and this year is no different.

The Crowley Fire Department has also joined forces with us this year and will help sell T-Shirts for us. Unfortunately, we all know someone that has fought the battle and we know firsthand how the Miles Perret Center does not discriminate.

It’s also true that Russian and women from the Ukraine are interested in finding someone like you – a foreign soul mate and lifetime partner, whether you are American, English, Turkish, French, Greece or German.

As the american Beatles sang in their song, Back in the USSR, the Russian and Ukrainian girls are the best in the world.

Here, when a single guy wants to meet a nice lady, he’ll probably trawl through an internet dating site or go to a bar with friends.

And because most will be hoping to find a reliable, strong relationship, they take their time, knowing there’s no point in rushing into things.

Swedish guys like to be up to date with all that’s happening in the world and will be an excellent partner for any formal or informal occasion.

Equally at home drinking a beer or two at the local pub, he’ll radiate charm and confidence during those intimate moments at home or in a romantic restaurant.

One of the four Scandinavian countries, Sweden is glued to the eastern edge of Norway, meets Finland in the north and is separated from the bulk of Finland by the Gulf of Bothnia.

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