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” asks Elizabeth Johnston, known as the viral blogger “Activism Mommy,” who is also one of the organizers of the Sex Ed Sit Out. That should frighten parents everywhere.” The fact is, groups like HRC and Planned Parenthood perverts who are trying to get access to your children’s classroom, and you should be no more accepting of them there than on the streets.Many parents feel powerless against a very noisy and well-organized industry, which uses intimidation, corrupt power and our silence to further its toxic agenda. There are many out there like yourself who want to push back against these corrupting forces indoctrinating our children.

Instead, the sexual revolutionaries are teaching them to think thoughts they are not remotely equipped to deal with, and to question some of the most fundamental and meaningful structures of the world around them: the family and gender.

Imagine how confusing it is for an innocent child of five or six to have to wonder if she’s doing something wrong by calling a girl she just met a “girl!

So this is how it works: The sex educators go into the schools, present graphic details about sex to mixed-sex classes with only a modicum of attention given to the meaning of sex (babies are scarcely ever mentioned, except as an unwanted outcome of sex!

); to no one’s surprise, many of those teens (your kids!

” “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” — Adolf Hitler As one of the organizers of the Sex Ed Sit Out said: “We send our kids to school to learn reading and writing and science and history, not how to question whether they really are a boy or a girl.” Then there’s Planned Parenthood’s “Get Real” program.

In that program, kids in grade six through eight are told that feeling “comfortable and ready” is a primary criterion for engaging in sexual activity, introduces oral and anal sex, describes interrupted sex as a form of “abstinence,” tells kids they can get birth control without their parents knowing, mentions sex with multiple partners, and of course directs students to Planned Parenthood’s even more graphic website, where kids can learn about every sexual practice under the sun, and how to get an abortion without their parents finding out.What kind of a perverse mind does it take to think that .Kids this age should be listening to fairy tales, learning their letters and numbers, and playing with their friends on the playground.Take the “Welcoming Schools” curriculum, pushed by the extremely well-funded and powerful anti-family Human Rights Campaign (HRC).The deception starts with the very name of the curriculum.The program is clearly not so much about “welcoming,” as about tearing down the moral and ethical barriers that keep your kids safe from the wolves of sexual and emotional exploitation, STDs, unplanned pregnancy, and spiritual death.

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