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What you do hear in the original "Good Vibrations" is called "The Box" a design that came about by Paul Tanner's observation of Thereminist Samuel Hoffman in Hollywood having difficulty in setting up his theremin.

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I was amazed that the live performance was so close to the recorded version. The normal recording sessions began after midnight at Brian's home.

When Paul asked Brian for the sheet music, Brian laughed because he could not write music, it was all in his head.

the beatles are amazing, it doesnt mean the bealtes arent good because brian wilson was breaking ground no one else had.

From zak: "i wish i lived in the sixties." I did, and have mixed feelings about it.

While the early to mid Sixties were pretty neat, the latter part of the decade was just plain depressing.

The drugged-out letdown from the Summer of Love, I guess. When 1970 arrived I recall there was a general feeling of, "Whew, I'm glad *that's* over!The box had a range of tones that would extend outside of the upper and lower limits of human hearing. Tanner checked back with the hospital to find out what happened to "The Box", only to find it had been destroyed in one of those California earthquakes!(The Quake of 1971)The next time you hear the "original" recording of "Good Vibrations", instead of just saying "that's not a Theremin" also mention "it's not a Tannerin", an instrument that came later to be used as a substitute on Beach Boy recordings.With the synthesizer on the horizon, Bob Moog a well known engineer in the theremin community visited Paul in search of new ideas (circa 1970). Soon after their get together Paul felt it was time to retire "The Box".He gave it to a hospital in Santa Monica, California where they were interested in using it for hearing tests.1; well it was "Winchester Cathedral" by The New Vaudeville Band!!!

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