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All we need is mutual trust, good cooperation and honesty.

Please tell me more about yourself and state in detail if you are ready to work with me.

As I told you in my previous email, all I want is an honest and reliable person who can be my partner.

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When I receive your response, I will tell you more on how we will start the transaction.

I will come over to you for a meeting as soon as you receive the Fund consignment .

I am only using this diplomatic method to move it to you because Iraqis do not allow foreigners to operate bank account there or move funds through their bank.

Throughout my stay in Iraq, my transactions were limited.

Though I can invest in any city or Business of your suggestion where any business booms.

It is your duty to guide me and to make suggestions on which area to invest and how to go about investing massively in real estate. and from there I would pay for the properties and subsequently start my investment.

If we come into agreement, the entire process of depositing and shipping the Fund consignment to you could take less than four days from today with my new plans to proceed on this matter.

This transaction has to be kept very confidential and only between us.

The situation warrants that we commence this transaction as quickly as possible.

I am not comfortable where I kept the Fund consignment so I need to move it to a safer place quickly.

I cannot move this money to the United States because I want to settle down there in your country and live a new life.

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