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You want those who get in touch to like the real you not an online persona.Don’t put your personal information online, such as where you live or your contact number.Your profile should accurately reflect who you are, be honest about your interests and hobbies and lay off using photos from a decade ago.

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If you are looking for a relationship, with real possibilities, you must search with respect and maturity.

It means not making snap superficial judgments based on the hair colour you prefer.

Ten years ago there certainly was more stigma attached to online dating than today.

The online dating scene has now transformed from something taboo into a multi-million euro industry.

Paula is a divorced woman in her 50's with a hectic social life who’d tried several online dating sites, but found, among other things, that a lot of the men were married.

In Paula’s case, it got her three and she doesn’t think it was money well spent.

In the last month I have met two married couples who met online, and increasingly this will become more common.

Some dating websites claim that 1 in 3 of all their matches end up in marriage.

Meanwhile, Sharon Kenny – the matchmaker Paula spoke to and handed over her money to – called Liveline to dispute Paula’s version of events. You can hear just how heated things got, and hear from other listeners on the subject of online dating, as well as the rest of Liveline above.

If you love the Irish countryside and would be interested in meeting some like-minded singles, the Muddy Matches Irish countryside dating website is the place to be.

Reflect who you are Remember how you portray yourself will somewhat determine what comes into your inbox.

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