Interviews with dating gurus cory skyy

I was excited to try this “secret technique,” but surprise, surprise….

it didn’t seem to be working (and I later went on to collect extensive data that proves it HURTS your response rate).

”I start slugging my Millers as quickly as I can, preparing my “beer goggles” for action…

Though a series of wild and unexpected events, I became VERY GOOD at meeting women online.

In fact…I went from a geek who could barely snag a date in an entire year, to having 3-4 new dates every single week.

Read to the end of this letter, and I promise, your life will be changed forever.

You’ll learn: A cutting-edge method for grabbing the attention of dozens of women online every single day, and sucking them into your inbox with a powerful magnetic force – How to get more dates, by simply pressing a “reset” button, and having more incredible women come right to your doorstep.

Dear friend, Have you ever felt powerless in your situation with women?

A few years ago, I came to a very important conclusion: pretty much everything required for meeting women, getting dates, or getting a girlfriend SUCKS.

It was worse than I even imagined – she was at least 60 pounds heavier than she looked in her profile picture.

She gave me a guilty smile, and said “yep, that’s me”…Even in my desperate condition, I felt scammed as we walked in, sat down and ordered…

Now let’s get this straight – even from her single profile picture, I knew that this girl was a bit “thicker” than I like… I tried to push those negative thoughts out of my mind as I punched her number into my phone, and after a few quick text messages, we agreed to meet up at Applebees for dinner and drinks.

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