Intimidating legal letters to threaten suit

Technically you DID potentially infringe on a copyright if one exists, but Getty Images needs to prove that they own the copyright before you pay them anything.

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Getty Images is entitled to seek actual damages for the use of the imagery.

Included in Getty Images’ actual damages are the lost licensing fees and related expenses incurred in pursuit of its claim, including things like research, correspondence, accounting, and retaining outside counsel.” You see, Getty Images goes after small business owners who don’t have the legal resources to fight and continually barrage them for use of the images that they may, or may not, own a copyright for.

They do so because you aren’t a lawyer and you don’t know how everything works.

Keep in mind, if Getty owns that copyright then they are able to sue you so don’t just ignore everything.

Second, this entire post is based on research I have done and the experience my friend dealt with.

My post is based on suggestions from resources I have seen, but it is up to you to decide what to do in this situation.

Q: Should I just pay Getty Images and get this over with? If you call Getty Images and tell them that you removed the image from your website/server and any other excuses such as; the whole thing happened on accident, you didn’t build the website, you only had it on a webpage that was viewed twice, etc.

This is the type of response you are going to get: “Removal of the imagery alone does not resolve the matter.

3) If Getty Images is still unsuccessful with those attempts to get you to settle, they will turn your information into a collection agency who will then tell you that you owe them for the settlement.

4) You CAN potentially be taken to court by Getty Images if they own the copyright for the image.

Typically the range is between 0 to 0 per image for copyright damages.

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