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Unfortunately, the great Stone Dragon is destroyed by the little tiny dragon Mushu (Eddie Murphy). The plot line isn't really a surprise when you break it down.

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OTOY, the visual effects company that was hired to do work on the film, was reportedly in way over their heads with the project, and had to deal with a generally-unresponsive and erratic Josh Trank, who requested that The Thing's appearance and size shift between certain shots.

A number of visual effects sequences - such as the scene where The Thing fights off insurgents in the Middle-East - were apparently cut due to Fox not funding the small company enough to make them work.

It's the story and the feeling you get that makes this movie so wonderful.

Disney went through a lot to make sure it's depiction of ancient China was accurate.

When the Huns start attacking the country, the Emperor orders one member of every family to join the Chinese Army and defend the country.

The one member must be a man, but in Mulan's family, the only male is her injured father.

There are the over the top bad guys, and of course, the comic relief.

Eddie Murphy was just down right hilarious in this movie. The songs were sort of a change of pace, with Matthew Wilder and Jerry Goldsmith doing the honors, and not the venerable Alan Menken.

And The Hunchback of Notre Dame was a more adult story, and some of the scenes were very dark and broody.

Mulan took a simple plot, put it in ancient China, and made it very colorful and fun to watch.

Compared to the 2005 Movie which was perfect, this one is just really bad.

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