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George is no longer affiliated with the restaurant, which is located on 16th Street, nestled between the Old Northside and Herron-Morton Place neighborhoods.

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The staff met Tiano at another restaurant on the same day and told her what had happened and why they made the decision to strike.

Chef Kellner quit the next day.“They felt very empowered, as they should,” Tiano said of her former colleagues.

She described Main as a “very kind soul” who checked on her daily and asked her to come back to Tinker Street to work.

She declined because she has since found other employment.

Alexandria Tiano described to me a place that was quietly imploding.

Tinker Street employees felt intimidated by one of the restaurant’s former owners and feared they would either lose their jobs on the spot or be publicly scolded if they made a mistake.“They were unhappy about a lot of things,” Tiano said of her former colleagues. They needed to release that negative energy from the workplace.”Tiano said the source of that negative energy was Peter George, the co-founder of Tinker Street.

Tiano, who was a new employee, had worked that morning – she was still in training – and didn’t realize she was to return that afternoon.

She was given a warning by a manager, but the manager assured her there would be no long-term ramifications. On March 23, Tiano said George arranged for them to meet at the restaurant.

When George was in the building, he talked down to employees. But as soon as he walked in, everybody’s energy was sucked out of them. It was so bad with his presence there.”Tiano described an afternoon at work where the staff watched as George dressed down an employee who arrived a bit late for the meal the employees are provided before the doors open at 5 p.m.

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