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I enjoyed the ensemble of the actors and now I miss them :) Though, the main character - I wish she had been given a better chance at fighting for herself - although her fight was essentially mental, I was left with the feeling that she could have been given more action. Feelings to PK it was pretty obvious she/he likes PK. Anyway it was still good and entertaining for a romcomhorror themed drama.

But the the story of Ma-Wang and Princess Iron Fan story broke my heart a thousand times also the moment with Taoist Fairy Ha she was my favorite character they made me cry so much. For playing two characters he was really Beautiful dress up as woman and OMO his voice is to heavenly. Lovely drama, all the cast are wonderful and Friendly between themselves, the story is fantastic i felt in a few times that i watch a animation movie for children ,in the end i enjoyed watching A Korean odyssey much more than any drama this season, wish that see all cast again soon i will miss them really ♥‿♥ A definite cliffhanger for the ending. 3.7/5 i wouldnt watch it again This was a very good drama, I really really loved and enjoyed this drama.

Spoiler alter: Wouldn't the end have been better if we saw both Sun Mi and Oh Gong in the car? The only saving grace of this show was the comedy which was not often. please release some afrer series showing both of them met in underworld.. I highly doubt it will have season two since many Korean TV shows have one season only. Overall I loved everything about this drama the action, adventure, humour, love. The actors and actresses' acting skill in this drama is so amazing. Chemistry between the two leads, not to much the other relationships and their acting in the drama, are endearing. I'm such a sucker for these 'a love-to-die for" dramas..

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But like literally, this drama is so intriguing and the cliffhangers just leave you no choice but to binge watch haha.

An uprising and well executed drama with amazing casts who’ve done so well.

Lee Seung Gi really did a great job, but I like Cha Seung Won more.

I think Cha Seung Won did a really really great job, he acted really well in the drama, he made me laugh so hard, and when he was sick in the drama, he acted really really good, his acting was really good that it could make you feel he was sick for real.

I think such an ending would have been a lot better and very fulfiling. I wish they had focused a bit more on Ma Wang and princess Iron Fan’s story or Pk and Bu ja just to make it bearable. Ive watched a lot of dramas but this drama hit me so hard! Ma Wang and Mo Gong is really a brilliant actor even in the "you're all surrounded" drama. i cried soooooo hard for this drama just like i cried for uncontrollably fond, queen inhyun's man, moon lovers, and gu family book. these days i have a hard time searching for good drama that i can keep watching for more than 2 episodes ahahah. The OST are amazing too, I'm totally loving everything about this drama Just finished the drama today.. I so love the chemistry of Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo. she's a great girl and I wish her happiness (though honestly it hurts). Major comeback for Lee Seung-Gi am so happy to see him again he was DAEBAK! The casting was also perfect the shots of the scenery felt realistic for me but as for the effects not so specially with the part of the Dragon and the fire effects.

They tried to let it open but with the very light atmosphere of the end it's just so obvious they want to make him find her. Just having them both smiling or laughing in that car scene with the song at the very end would have been awesome. This Drama really makes me cry and I even can't stop my mouth to wail. The ending was really a fulfilling one but ofcourse I really need Season 2 (Netherworld Edition ?? I still don’t understand the point of Sam Jang’s character coz all she did was pity herself,cry and then die. This drama introduces too many characters but leaves their story unfinished. why does seung gi always get a role that has a sad fate:((((( just like gu family book. but the thing is i dont really get the chem between son o gong and jin sun mi. I very much enjoyed this fantasy story, especially the allusions to the traditional stories, such as journey to the west and so on. I was never a fan of Seung Gi and I never knew Yeon Seo until I watched this series. I still hope that there's still a chance for Seung Gi and Yeon Seo to end up together in the future, they are both cool! This has many of my favorite actors/actresses, and writers who've written some of my favorite dramas, but still I can't get into it. The characters say really contradicting things, one second this and the next the opposite. The story was passable for me it gave me a nostalgic moment for me since it was made by the Hong sisters some of the episode made me think of Master's Sun.

I started watching it since there were not any other ongoing dramas I was interested in at the end of 2017 - then I kept watching but the story and the actors/actresses could not bring the story up - and I believe that this cast deserved a better story line... Surprisingly I learnt a lot from this drama, Highly recommended as we await season 2 This would be my first time to leave a comment on a korean drama ... *cries Loved this drama all the cast were very good, in particular the male and female lead actors they had good acting chemistry.

There was no chemistry between the main leads, Lee Seung-Gi's acting was a bit off - I mean I've seen better works of him... I very much hope that we can have another season as I feel this story has plenty future scenarios in it ❤️ The drama was very GOOD in my opinion. No spoilers intended’re into a proper explained ending DO NOT watch it this, it will disappoint you this my fav drama in early 2018, i love it sooo much.

i’m in the middle of watching the series but nooooo why they end it like that????

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