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The impurity, I was told, was a feature of any death.

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I have heard more than once that my grandmother, whom I never met, carried me in her womb, because my mom had all of the eggs she would ever have in her ovaries while she was a fetus.

If “I”—that is, the ovum that was to become my person—was there inside my grandmother’s body, then life must begin at oogenesis.

I frequently write about abortion and animal rights, so his question about abortion in animals was not as strange as it might sound.

The Irish vote on abortion reminded me of Nicholas’s question about animal abortions, for reasons I will explain below.

Nicholas’s email messages would usually arrive a few weeks after I had published a column on a topic of interest to him.

He would point out what he believed were weaknesses in my arguments, and he would invite me to do the same vis-à-vis his arguments.

The reason that we cannot avoid arbitrariness is that if we really wanted to go back to the very beginning, we would have to say that human egg cells and sperm cells are “persons,” because in each other’s presence, they will do what it takes to grow into a human baby.

When I was an Orthodox Jew, I remember learning that male masturbation was impermissible and that “spilled seed” from the inevitable nocturnal emissions and lost eggs in menstruation generated impurity and required the man or woman to bathe afterwards in a ritual bath (with refinements on timing that heavily favored men).

I know what it feels like to be conscious of unjustified violence against beings whose personhood others see fit to dismiss. When trying to persuade someone of my point of view, I tend to offer analogies that might trigger a new moral intuition.

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