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Like “Cutie Robert Pattz thinks K-Stew is the bomb! ” Anyway, though mothers and daughters seem to adore Robert Pattinson equally, there’s trouble in mom-approved paradise.Kristen Stewart allegedly is still dating this actor named Michael Angarano, and yet multiple sources are claiming she’s hooking up with R-Pattz.

Is robert pattinson dating kristen stewart and nikki reed Xxxhot sites

Kristen Stewart continued her birthday celebrations with her Twilight co-star and the 90s popstars Kristen Stewart’s birthday celebrations are on an epic level and with her riches who can blame her?

Not only has she already seen Rihanna in concert and organised a weekend of fun at Coachella on Tuesday night she hit No Vacancy bar at Hotel Juniper in LA.

"Kristen has never forgiven Nikkie for the fling she had [with Rob]," this insider claims.

"Kristen never confronted Rob about the affair, she just put the blame on Nikki and accused her of pursuing him." After remaining relatively off the celebrity gossip radar for a few months, Robsten has been making ridiculous tabloid news for a couple weeks ago.

After the breakup between Pattinson and Reed, things got ugly on the Twilight saga set with fuss and fights.

It was reported that three of them did not get along anymore what so ever.

She’s hoping that Rob is serious when he says he’s forgiven what happened back then.” Multiple insiders have been told that Pattinson and Stewart have been meeting up in secret, and that there is a reconciliation on the horizon.

“The gossip media has a habit of making up stories about exes reuniting, but in the case of Robsten, it appears to be true.” Additionally, Stewart and Maxwell were spotted having a date night in Los Angeles less than two weeks ago.

Um, I will if his bodyguards let me."So could Niks (who's happily married to former the gal who typed the virtual diss:"I never tweeted that guys. Anyone can write a tweet with my Twitter handle," Niks explained.

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