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However, the boycott was unsuccessful, as noted in the first annual report of the Boycott Committee, and trade between Palestine (the vast majority by Jews) and Arab States neighboring Palestine continued to thrive.

The Israeli novelist was told by a journalist on the other end of the line that her book, Borderlife, had been banned from being taught in schools by the Israeli education ministry, which objected to its love story between a Jewish woman and a Palestinian man.

According to the ministry, the book’s scenes of intimacy between young people from opposite sides of the conflict threaten to undermine a core national idea: that Israel is a Jewish state and can only remain so if Jews stay away from relationships with non-Jews.

Egypt (1979), the Palestinian Authority (1993), and Jordan (1994) signed peace treaties or agreements that ended their participation in the boycott of Israel.

Mauritania, which never applied the boycott, established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1999.

Member states of the Arab League began implementing these resolutions through legal and administrative measures.

After the Partition Plan of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states was introduced at the United Nations on 29 November 1947, efforts to apply the boycott were intensified.

In the bureaucratic language of the government: “Young people of adolescent age don’t have the systemic view that includes considerations involving maintaining the national-ethnic identity of the [Jewish] people and the significance of miscegenation.” The ministry’s ban unleashed a wave of vitriol from the political Right, who accuse Ms Rabyinan of promoting dangerous Jewish-Arab assimilation and talking down Israel.

But for liberal Israelis the book has become a symbol of free speech and democratic values.

The declaration, contained in Arab League Resolution 16, stated: Products of Palestinian Jews are to be considered undesirable in Arab countries.

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