Itemstats not updating

Long story short: Fixed.: I was working on another mod and for some reason a file from that mod ended up in version 1.03 of this mod.

This is quite a nuisance since users of 1.03 will have lost their stacks of bolts.

While clever and balanced theory crafting can make other builds relevant at all.

For Pv P servers it makes sense to have such a option, single Pv P is fine, You can have 1 man Clan for claiming too. I am all about gates and we must make HUGE wals too.

I'm not sure if it's everyone's cup of tea, as from what I saw thus far you can expect much better drops.: Fix for the Hjalmar relic sword and Devine relic sword.

Thankfully, if you already have one of these swords in your inventory, the fix should be retroactive.

Clan is favored anyway, since there can be more people, its just adding more playground for players to make their battles relevant. But I could make a barn for the upcomming pets upgrade for sure so yea 1 for small gates as well.

Well ive build quite a few large structures, and a couple of things about the current gate annoys me quite a bit. For example: The Relic Arbitrator can drop with a critical hit damage bonus varying from 10% to 50% and a 1% to 10% chance to dismember.These values are normally randomized, but with this mod this sword will always drop with the best possible values.(Tested with Devine sword.)For some reason the original game files have a lower max value than min value for some of these swords' traits.I figured I'd change the max value to the lowest value, since the game would probably pick the low value anyway, but after I found the Devine sword in-game I noticed that this is not the case, since there was something odd with its stats.After 30 features updates, The Curious Expedition has finally reached 1.0. Here's an overview of all the new content and features that we added so far.

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