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And I picked up the guitar and (songwriting partner Max Martin) said, ‘This is what we’re writing,’” she once revealed to .The lyrics in the track said: "I'm really gonna miss you picking fights / And me falling for it screaming that I'm right / And you would hide away and find your peace of mind / With some indie record that's much cooler than mine." In the video for the song, the actor who plays the singer's love interest gives her a scarf which many thought to be a clue that revealed the song was about Jake since she had been photographed wearing one of his scarfs while they were dating.

She’s excited to see where things go,” a so-called “source” was quoted as saying.

But as much as the publication wanted fans to think Swift and Gyllenhaal were rekindling their romance, which originally took place in 2010, Gossip Cop was exclusively assured there was “no truth” to the claim.

Inevitably, when you're dealing with a real-life story, there's the knowledge that nothing you can do will ever match what [Jeff] went through." In addition to sharing his thoughts on being set up on dates, Jake also opened up about masculinity and the ever-changing ideas of what it means to "be a man." The 36-year-old, who attended the Women's March on Washington with older sister Maggie in January, also shared the biggest lessons he's learned from the women in his life, including his mother, playwright Naomi Foner.

Check out his insightful (and swoon-worthy) quotes below.

They’ve kept in touch, albeit secretly, ever since." This would all be so ironic since Taylor allegedly wrote the hit song "We Are Never Getting Back Together" from her album about the relationship after her ex's friend asked her if they were giving their relationship a second chance.

“This guy walks in who is a friend of my ex’s and starts talking about how he’s heard we’re going to get back together. So I start telling them the story: break up, get back together, break-up, get back together — just, ugh, the worst!

Though Taylor Swift was out of the spotlight for much of 2017, she was still a tabloid target.

The gossip media tried to link the superstar to a number of former flames, including Conor Kennedy and Tom Hiddleston.

He then went on to insinuate that the reporter had never seen his movies before even when they had just discussed his work in detail throughout the interview.

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