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In 2011 Jermaine held a tribute concert to Michael and released a solo album on Itunes for the time in 21 years.Janet was the only Jackson to continue a successful music career into the 2000’s, until retiring from the entertainment industry after marrying her current husband.

Keep in mind, this was a time that computers were not even around, a time when IBM was known more as a jumble of letters than as the computing giant we know them today.

Yet by the time that the 1970s had rolled around, everyone had access to a radio.

The 1970s were an incredible time when it came to the world of entertainment. As recently as the 1930s, not everyone in the country had a radio.

Meanwhile, very few people were able to afford televisions.

This was the beginning of the golden age of television.

An age when the biggest stars were able to project themselves anywhere they wanted.

The child star was sent straight into the limelight with this role.

The role, along with his status as a teen idol, resulted in a combination career as a musician and television actor.

He starred in The Partridge Family with his on-screen mother Shirley Jones, who was also his step-mother, off-screen.

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