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She can be airheaded at times (not helped by her still-imperfect grasp of English), but she cares for her friends and family above all else. He's an excessively serious child who Jay claims was born at least sixteen years old.He and Jay get along well in the way of two old guys, though Jay often tries to make him just act like a kid while he can. For the first two seasons, Lily is a baby, and thus doesn't have much characterization.Her parents are largely unaware of what she's doing at all times, since they trust she can handle everything herself.

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Unless it's one of the days where their insanity has driven her crazy again. She's less intelligent than Alex, often coasting through life on her good looks, but she has considerable cunning when she puts it to use.

She often weasels out of punishment by helping her parents out of whatever new mess they've gotten themselves into.

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Husband of Claire, father of Haley, Alex, and Luke.

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He is a closet salesman who still owns the company, with a very old way of doing things.

He still has a sensitive side, and loves his family deeply. Gloria is a Colombian national who worked hard for years to provide for her son.

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