Jenna von oy dating

Hanson made headlines again a few years back when the brothers launched the Hanson Brothers Beer Company and released its first beer, obviously named Mmmhops.Proving their beer business is not a one-note venture, additional varieties have since come out, including some launched at their annual Tulsa, Oklahoma, beer-and-music festival, Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival.

Season 1, Episode 10November 15, 1999Nikki is surprised when her ex-fiancé (Chi Mc Bride) returns with a marriage proposal and a promise that he's given up his gambling habit.

Season 1, Episode 11November 22, 1999Nikki's haughty sister (Suzzanne Douglas) and her daughter come for Thanksgiving dinner and she bosses Nikki around, which Nikki uncharacteristically endures.

Jenna von Oy said that the couple knew that the marriage would be “wonderful” but in the end, it turned out to be a “blast”.

When asked about her honeymoon plans, she said that the couple has decided to go on a honeymoon next year May as at that time Brad Bratcher will be able to take his leave from works.

Season 1, Episode 19May 1, 2000An independent Kim moves in with Stevie, but Nikki and Stevie's mom (Shannon Tweed) can't seem to let go, and they decide to crash their housewarming party.

Season 1, Episode 20May 8, 2000Nikki's parents (Earl Billings, Aloma Wright) pay a visit when they return to renew their wedding vows, and her dad renews old tensions with Nikki regarding her pregnancy at such a young age.

Season 1, Episode 17March 20, 2000Nikki and Kim find 0,000 in the tire of a car they bought at a police auction, but Nikki's joy turns to fear when a mysterious man (Clifton Powell) comes looking for the car.

Season 1, Episode 18April 10, 2000Nikki's dream of being alone with Professor Oglevee turns into a nightmare for him; and Kim's band is booked for a spring-break concert in Palm Springs.

Meanwhile, Nikki is romanced by a 21-year-old student.

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