Jensen ackles is dating Polo tv xnxxx

Last I heard he was dating Daneel Harris (this is still true and correct as @ March 19 2009).

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Yea, older brother named Joshua and a younger sister. His fathers name is Alan Ackles and he was an actor to if it helps your strange little search, lolz.

Jensen has been dating actress Daneel Harris known for her role in "One Tree Hill" for nearly three years.

His role of Eric has won him several nominations for the Daytime Emmy Award.

His other prominent roles include acting as Alec/X5-494 on the TV show Dark Angel and as Jason Teague on Smallville.

He said "I believe everything has a rational explanation". Hes not into the whole Your to young kind of thing unless your younger then 18.36 Movies and TV shows .

- Jensen Ackles was brought up in an religious family and he was indeed a Christian.

And For everyone reading this, I know these things because Im Jareds Cousin And From Personal expeirences Know Jensen Ackles. It has a unique design with castle like steps to the house and a circular stucture seen in the front. It might not seem that appealing at first from outside..

:)Yes he does drink, However he doesnt drink to the point where he gets drunk, He knows his limit and Will stop at that...

He grew up attending a non-denominational Protestant church back home in Texas.

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