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It was after 1pm and noticed that the parking lot was pretty full and must have had a good lunch rush.I was greeted when I walked in the door and immediately walked to the front counter and proceeded to place my food order.

In 1968, the first restaurants were opened outside of Ohio in Pittsburgh and Detroit.

Arby’s expanded at a store per week pace during the 1970s.

In 1997, the company sold all 354 company-owned restaurants to its largest franchisee.

In 2002, Arby’s purchased Sybia, Inc, its 2nd largest franchisee.

New menu items like the Beef N’ Cheddar and Jamocha Shakes were also added. In 1984, Southeastern Public Service Company purchased Arby’s.

In 1991, the company became the first fast food restaurants to offer a “lite” menu, offering a menu of sandwiches and salads under 300 calories and nearly fat-free.

I arrive back at the restaurant and Michelle is still there and recognizes me, asks what shake I would like and hands me the new cheese sticks. Nope, found out from my husband that there is no double roast beef in the bag but a double beef n cheddar instead.

Instead of calling I got back into my car and drove back to Arby’s pissed off at this point, walked back into the restaurant and Michelle noticed me again and knew something was not right.

’ Michelle turned around and said ‘I’m right here sir and I can help you, just having trouble in the kitchen.’ That was a line of BS if I ever saw it.

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