Jewish dating singles southern california

“We always suggest dinner, and tell them to dress nicely,” Buquen says. After the first date, the participants are asked for feedback on how it went.

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Jewish dating singles southern california

Buquen sees herself defining the role of the Marin County matchmaker. Having someone who uses her humanity and intuition is priceless. And, if anything, it’s growing.” —— (c)2016 The Marin Independent Journal (Novato, Calif.) Visit The Marin Independent Journal (Novato, Calif.) at by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

A 53-year-old widow from Larkspur enjoys "sunset walks and chocolate strawberries," as well as Sunday HBO.

Now 22 percent of those in that age bracket are using the Internet, and 58 percent of Americans between the ages of 50 and 64 are dialed up.

And now older users are going beyond e-mailing grandkids or checking the weekend weather online. At this writing, Jmatch reports that 19 percent of all Bay Area Jmatch members are over 50.

“We also do a background check, and if we approve them, they can be matched with one of our bachelors,” Buquen explains. One client was so clueless about the whole thing that Buquen’s childhood friend, Vanessa Phillips, the firm’s director of sales and communications, took him shopping for a new wardrobe, giving him a complete makeover. ” The men don’t even have to arrange the first date.

The agency will do that for them, often at a nice restaurant. And don’t talk about exes.” As far as sex is concerned, clients are warned against sleeping with a woman until he has decided to become monogamous and is no longer dating anyone else.

To begin with, the number of mature Internet users is rising.

In 1996, just 2 percent of those 65 and older were even online.

Discovering that she has a knack for helping people find love, she worked for a top upscale U. match-making firm before starting her own match-making agency in London, Match d’Amour.

When it was merged with one of the big match-making firms in Europe, the Vida Consultancy, she returned to the United States to continue her career in what is sometimes called “the dating industry.” Her business partner in Executive Matchmakers is entrepreneur Charlee Brotherton, whom Buquen describes as “the most successful matchmaker in the world.” Brotherton owns a network of 23 other match-making firms throughout the country.

“It’s unbelievable the demand down there.” A typical client is too busy for traditional online dating and is willing to pay Buquen and her staff to find a single woman who’s right for him in the company’s “Proprietary Black Book,” a database with a growing number of what the firm describes as “the most beautiful, eligible and desirable single women in Northern California.” “The men we work with are looking for a committed relationship,” Buquen says.

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