Jewish men dating non jewish woman

In addition, it is pretty clear that Jewish ancestry (as well as tribal status) was once determined by the father and not by the mother.

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If a non-Jewish women is willing to give up her faith in Jesus and accept the law of Moses, SHE IS JEWISH. The benefits we would get from accepting non Jewish females into the Jewish people are manifold. What I am proposing, is making the geirus process for non-Jewish females alot easier. The children identified as Jewish and went on to marry other Jews.

Jon Entine in his mentions that Jewish genetic diseases are at an all time low and attributes this fact- to among other things- the rising intermarriage rate among Jews. So although technically it wasn't fabulous when you consider halacha, practically speaking it did not break "the chain" of Judaism. Denise is this girl you meet and she's wonderful. What happens when you get married and have kids and she doesn't think it's fair that only Jewish holidays are celebrated on not Christian ones?

However, very often this interest remains only an interest BECAUSE they are intimidated by the current geirus process. I'll let you get back on to your conversion topic which I don't know much about so I'll bow out.

Some might argue that this is a good thing but I disagree. But I just want to say you really should re-examine your understanding of Judaism.

Historically, since the Rabbinic period (post 70 CE), Jewish status was passed down by the mother. A child of a Jewish mother is Jewish, even if the father is not.

Prior to this period, the Bible recognized patrilineal descent, whereby one’s Jewish status was determined by one’s father.

She says she's willing to let you raise your kids Jewish because she doesn't believe in Christianity. You don't have to be a believer to want certain cultural holidays that one remembers fondly from their childhood.

Then there's the fact that back then apparently nobody dug that far into the yichus of the women these men brought back.

Assuming they even want to marry other Jews someday, they would have a very hard time of it.

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