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His father Reg was a baker who played classical piano, and his mother Margaret (née Watson) was a housewife who loved reading.His parents' marriage was not happy and they either would not speak to each other or have heated arguments.

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Mahoney died in a Chicago hospice on February 4, 2018, of complications from throat cancer, originally diagnosed in 2014. According to his friend Anna Shapiro: "He was fragile and he was supposed to be having a routine procedure.

But having just beat Stage 3 throat cancer, I think he was just too weak…

In March 2008, he opened in the world premiere of Better Late at the Northlight Theatre.

He was also the narrator for Midwest Airlines commercials.

Mahoney died on Sunday, at the age of 77, of complications from throat cancer.

He earned two Emmy nominations, two Golden Globe nominations and a place in his audience’s hearts while playing the cantankerous Martin Crane during Frasier’s 11 years on TV.

After the war, the family moved back to Manchester.

Mahoney grew up in the Withington area of the city and discovered acting at the Stretford Children's Theatre.

Mahoney also made two appearances on USA's Burn Notice in the second (2009) and third (2010) season finales.

His character, referred to only as "Management," is a senior intelligence agency official who is the apparent main mover of the conspiracy which blacklisted Michael Westen.

He went on to have prominent roles in a number of acclaimed films throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, including Moonstruck, Eight Men Out, Say Anything..., In the Line of Fire, Reality Bites, and The American President.

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