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The method is guaranteed to return the entity instance.For instance, suppose you have a RESTful interface with a method for retrieving an JSON-serialized object by its id to the caller and a method that receives an updated version of this object from the caller.As an example entity, we will use a simple annotation-mapped entity variable references the actual persisted object.

We’ve discussed the purpose of different Hibernate Session methods in relation to managing persistent entities in runtime.

We’ve learned how these methods transist entity instances through their lifecycles and why some of these methods have duplicated functionality.

Those of you that have worked with plain Hibernate will probably have grown quite accustomed to using the method figures out whether the object is new or has already been saved before.

In the first case the entity is saved, in the latter case it is updated.

Persistence context can be thought of as a container or a first-level cache for all the objects that you loaded or saved to a database during a session.

The session is a logical transaction, which boundaries are defined by your application’s business logic.It is important to understand from the beginning that all of the methods (.The mentioned methods basically manage the state of entity instances by transitioning them between different states along the lifecycle.Several methods were added to Session interface to match the Entity Manager interface.These methods serve the same purpose as the “original” methods, but conform to the specification and thus have some differences.This week we touch upon a subject that may seem trivial at first: how to save an entity..

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