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Under the code, the "via" symbol indicates direct discovery, where the "hat tip" symbol indicates an indirect link of discovery.The Curator's Code was controversial, and received mixed responses.

Popova has since updated her donation page on Brain Pickings to acknowledge the fact that she receives income from affiliate advertisements.

In 2012, Popova created The Curator's Code, a project by Popova with input from designer Kelli Anderson.

Popova's parents are ethnic Bulgarians who met in Russia when they were both foreign exchange students in the early 1980s. Her mother studied library science, while her father studied engineering and eventually became an Apple salesman.

Popova paid for her tuition by working four part-time jobs on top of a full college course load: as an advertising representative for The Daily Pennsylvanian, as an intern for a local writer, as an employee for a work-study job at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, and as a staff member for a small start-up advertising agency in Philadelphia.

When the visa application process opened up again, she successfully secured a visa and moved to Los Angeles in January 2010, but disliked it immensely.

Popova then moved to New York later that year, where she still resides today.The Curator’s Code is a code of conduct for curators on the web to use.This proposed method is an attempt to codify source attribution on the internet to ensure that the intellectual labor of information discovery is honored."Music, for me, is an enormous trigger of mnemonic associations – of time, place, mood, emotion, the smell of fresh-cut grass behind your best friend’s house when you were 18 and first heard that song."Is it interesting enough to leave the reader with something – a thought, an idea, a question – after the immediate fulfillment of the self-contained reading or viewing experience?Is it evergreen in a way that makes it just as interesting in a month or a year?As soon as you begin to treat your stakeholder as a bargaining chip, you’re not interested in broadening their intellectual horizons or bettering their life.

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