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They've got their friendship and family networks well established.

They don't know what it's like to move to a new city, so they won't relate. Mid 30's is not a prime age for single women in KC.

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Long story short, I'm getting the hell out of South Florida and need a new spot. I absolutely have to move by April 14th (condo is selling) so it's go-time as far as deciding where I'm going to land.

Hell, after two days less than a dozen women have even looked at my profile. Should this be a concern as I make my final decision on where to move?

This is a total 180 from my experiences online dating in South Florida and Nashville. And I'm using the same website so the comparison should be apples to apples. Another place I'm considering is Memphis, which has much less to offer in general than KC but boasts like a four-to-one ratio of single women to single men. Mid 30's is not a prime age for single women in KC.

If you are decent looking and have any game you'll do fine to great in KC.

LOL at everyone is married at 23, that hasn't been my experience at all, even a little bit.

I was actually on match when I met my wife at a bar in Westport.

I also disagree about KC being a everyone grew up here type of a place.

In my experience the available women in KC are under 23 or over 45.

Many more people in their 30's are married here than on the coasts.

In Kansas City, it's more traditional in belief systems and more Bible-based. I think Weaubleau's explanation above is pretty accurate having lived in both cities. I'm aware that few places aside from NYC, SF, LA and maybe a couple others can match Florida in the sheer number of people who remain single into their 30s and beyond.

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