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There is no rent control for restaurants so if a particular restuarant starts becomes a huge hit, the landlord can increase rent.A lot of restaurants get taken advantage of by landlords this way, especially in New York City. More and more of us are realizing that people in our lives, who we previously thought were perhaps just a “little off” actually are on the autism spectrum.

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His characters are everyday and unique - from Billionaire Boy to Gangsta Granny - and wonderfully relatable even with their eccentricities.

What Walliams manages with all his tales is to bring humour and silliness to moving and difficult topics.

There are now dozens of popular books, both non-fiction and fiction, that can help to shed light on Asperger’s Syndrome, either by representing a three-dimensional character with the syndrome, by directly explaining the ins and outs of the symptoms, or by telling the true story of someone living a life on the autism spectrum.

I’ve compiled a list below of the ten books that I and many others (based on critics’ reviews as well as hundreds of reader reviews on Amazon) consider essential reading for anyone living with or touched by Asperger’s.

It all goes bananas when the bored Queen makes a brilliant birthday wish for... And of course, you can always pick up his other books as you work your way through his collection.

See them all (and find out more about this brilliant children's author) on our David Walliams author page. ) have yet to discover the joyous David Walliams books then you are in for a treat.Like a modern day Roald Dahl, who incidentally David was inspired by, his writing is fun, engaging and brilliantly bizarre.Think about it this way: A common mistake in the restuarant industry = contunually adding to the menu.Too many serve everything and they do it both poorly unprofitably.There’s a mix here of informational non-fiction, memoirs, and novels that together cover much of what we all need to know with the syndrome in ways that will make you think, laugh, and cry but most all will help you understand.

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