Kitty katswell dating dudly puppy fanfiction

Keswick: Chief, I've analyzed the blueprint of the mall. Kitty: We've just been a little disorganized since we lost our secretary. In Thunder Dog he is afraid of thunder until Kitty gets him not to afraid of it ,but in the end it is shown that he is afraid of the dentist.

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agent, but often finds herself and her skills foiled by Dudley's antics.

Hometown: Unknown Loves: Bacon Hates: Wearing Pants Occupation: T. It was also revealed that he was a bullied outcast.

According to Keswick's DNA analyzation results,he is every breed of dog known to man.

He is quite gluttous and childish which is often shown when he is hungry.

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A "dim-witted dog" named Dudley Puppy is recruited by T. Dudley often annoys Kitty with his stupidity and when he constantly chews his butt (also when he'd say the word "exactly," as revealed in Diary of a Mad Cat), but she still considers him to be a worthwhile partner and a good friend. As revealed in "Puppy Love," Kitty knows many things that guys like to do to impress girls.His form of bravery and natural skills are an asset to T. In Snap Dad it is reaveled that his mom , Peg Puppy, is still dating. She is Dudley's partner, assigned to train him as a T. She is also said to be trained in the arts of combat, language and firearm use.

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