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If you have any questions, please contact your Gemalto regional sales manager.

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Defect corrections will be made available on the most current modification level for that release.

For example, support requests are accepted on V7.2, V7.2.1, V7.2.2, V7.2.3, V7.2.4, V7.2.5, V7.2.6, V7.2.7 and V7.2.8; however, defect corrections will only be provided on V7.2.8.

Although the actual QRadar Appliance hardware end of support date is unique to that appliance, that is, 5 years from date of sale, the dates listed above reflect 5 years from the last sale date of these appliance models.

Therefore, the dates above apply to appliances purchased on the last day that the models were actively sold.

The Support Lifecycle for the IBM QRadar portfolio of products is outlined below.

QRadar Support will accept support requests from current Subscription & Support customers, on any version, release of QRadar that has not reached end of support.Different lifetime examples include toys from fast food chains (weeks or months), mobile phones (3 years) and cars (10 years). For hardware with an expected lifetime of 10 years after production ends, the support includes spare parts, technical support and service.Spare-part lifetimes are price-driven due to increasing production costs: when the parts can no longer be supplied through a high-volume production site (often closed when series production ends), the cost increases.IBM Security App Exchange: Software downloaded and installed from the IBM Security App Exchange is not covered under your QRadar Software Support Agreement.Specific support related details for software downloaded from the IBM Security App Exchange is communicated at the time of download.For customers with active and paid service and support contracts, Gemalto will continue to provide support in accordance with the contract terms through the current contract end date (no additional renewals), even if this date exceeds the last date of support shown in the following table.

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