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If Dan weren't running the Evil Bigot Romney's campaign in Ill. I can see him mentoring Schock - Dan remained in some young leaders group downstate until he was well past old enough to know better.

But aside from gaining some weight, he is really not a hopeless troll - so I'd be very surprised if he were the BI subject and Marzullo couldn't really hope to ruin him anyway. If you look at the Republican delegation from Illinois, you have a boatload of gay faces.

If Congressman Bottom's opponent--who enjoys the support of most of his colleagues--loses, the story will spread faster than the Great Chicago Fire.

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One additional tidbit to consider: Congressman Bottom was encouraged to run for his first term by a politician many assume is a closet case. No Democrat filed to run in IL-16, so the winner of the Kinzinger/Manzullo primary is basically guaranteed to win in November.(Frankly it reeks of BS).

I'm betting the politician many assume is a closet case is DL favorite, Mark Kirk, who was semi-outed previously online. I'd never heard of Kinzinger before but he definitely has that cookie-sniffer look about him. I hope something comes out and there are photographs!!! Congressman Bottom - Adam Kinzinger (IL)Congressman Top - Aaron Schock (IL)Troll Closet Mentor - John Shimkus (IL)Twirling Guest Appearance - Eric Cantor (VA)The Hand the Rocks the Cradle- Don Manzullo (IL)I'm from Illinois, so thanks for sharing the gossip. Whereas everybody has heard about Schock, the only thing I've heard about Kinzinger is that he's a frat-boy player type.[quote] It's not a "gay scandal" if it only exists in Dataloungeland.

He is quietly known in the community and in certain circles to be gay.

But he never mentioned it in his run for state treasurer, nor did he mention it on the floor of the state senate during debate over the civil unions bill.

Much later he buried himself with the enemy downstate and made his own way to the legislature.

Dan was once smart and dynamic and I shudder to think of all the moral compromises he must have made over the years with horrible people who treated him like he smelled bad.This just appeared on"This seems pretty remarkable: A week after personally endorsing Adam Kinzinger in the GOP primary, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's super PAC, the YG Action Fund, is spending K to air a last-minute radio ad ahead of Tuesday's election.I thought Cantor's involvement in the race was pretty unusual to begin with, but to fork out actual dollars to help knock off a veteran incumbent, Don Manzullo, seems doubly so.Two Representatives from the same delegation took their "friendship" to the next level several months ago.Fellow GOP members were willing to ignore the obvious until Congressman Top sided with Congressman bottom in an intra-party battle (along with a lustful mentor they both share--who will never get in either's pants, no matter how hard he tries).He also was the lone Republican who voted for the bill, so his "challenging the system from the inside" was unable to convince a single member of his party of his position.

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