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The Land Registry Title Plan displays an outline of the property and its surroundings, often with coloured markings indicating rights of way, shared access, land covenants and watercourses.

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It is true that the Rules require the production of a number of formal proofs.

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The Registrar has published the following practice directions regarding deeds executed by a corporate body: Where a document has been executed by way of a mark, the execution must be verified by a solicitor’s certificate or by an affidavit by an attesting witness – see Transfers executed by way of a mark (Rule 175).

Where the Registry returns a document for amendment, it should normally be authenticated by all interested parties.

Therefore, whenever a query about a boundary arises, the first step should be to inspect the document which created the boundary.

Minor amendments to a boundary between folios which have the same class of title can be dealt with by way of a simple rectifying deed (Precedent 2G).

The form has some useful features: The date of registration of a dealing (other than an application for first registration) is normally the date on which the dealing was lodged in the Registry.

However, if a dealing was not in order for registration when it was lodged, its registration date will be the date on which it came to be in order (see Rules 31 to 35).

Any objection which does not disclose valid grounds may be disregarded.

The letter of objection should refer to the relevant folio number and the Registry’s reference, if known.

Thus if a transfer which had been executed only by the transferor is amended, it should be authenticated by both the transferor and the transferee (Rule 34).

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