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Taffy makes the happiness of others her personal responsibility, and the farm and those in it have become the family she always wanted.

Rachael Saleigh was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, privileged yet unloved.

Age, previous work record, where he is from, and what he is doing here are all unknown.

After an accidental meeting, Minos came to the farm saying only that he wanted to live his life in peace.

But due to her regimental self-maintenance, she is spiteful to anyone who doesn't meet her unusually high standards.

Rachael believes her only happy moments in life were those with Sarah.

Im Hilfebereich Ihres tolino Buchhändlers finden Sie eine E-Mail-Adresse, ein Kontaktformular oder wenn es besonders schnell gehen muss, eine Hotline zur telefonischen Kontaktaufnahme.

Minos is an inexplicable man who literally wandered up into Moras life.

And Rachaels sense of duty stems from a desire to see Sarah kept healthy and safe, as Rachael believes herself to be Sarahs one chance for a better life.

And Sarah, in turn, is the only person that gives Rachaels life happiness and meaning, creating a motherly protectiveness as well as their sisterly bond.

Taffy is unable to take charge of a situation, often looking to others to support and guide her through life.

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