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There are many types of fake software, ranging from antiviruses to disk optimizers.After downloading, they often perform a scan, find a load of fake objects and offer a price for an activation key.

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Examples of ransomware is the Cryptolocker virus and the Locky virus. See also: Adware Adware is certainly one of the most common types of malware these days.

As you can guess from the name, these are generally downloaded through ads.

The simplest way to get rid of these is to run Adw Cleaner and reset your browser to its default state. Sometimes bundled with Browser Hijackers, these often add toolbars to your browser's taskbar.

Not only are these annoying, they are often intrusive to the user's experience.

However, some pieces of bloatware are actually legitimate applications, that probably won't be detected. You might find it in some PUPs or trojans such as Bonzi BUDDY. Joke programs are not too deadly to destroy a computer, but can still be an annoyance. They can also spam you with other things, or completely corrupt your computer.

This type of malware is not that common, and are only usually found when bought from less popular locations. Hackers also can crack passwords in emails, games, bank accounts, and other things.

The user should get an antivirus software to remove it.

The user may also receive a death screen from it if it causes their computer to crash or become unstable.

Examples are: Botnets, Sobig, Melissa and many more like Cryptolocker.

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