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It’s only because we hired a lawyer that we were able to get the copyright infringement penalties reduced via a settlement deal.Not everyone can afford that kind of expense, especially new businesses that may not be profitable yet.

We called our lawyer, and the negotiations with Mr. Somehow we resisted the urge to run through fields of clover, spontaneously jumping to click our heels with glee while celebrating our good fortune.

$3,000 is a lot less than $8,000, but still far from appropriate restitution for our offence.

Recently we made a very costly mistake, and I think it’s one that every blogger and business owner should be aware of our writers published a blog post to a client’s site – it was about finding great deals in Omaha, Nebraska (complete with an altogether underwhelming photo of the city, which may or may not have been taken by a drunken college student with a camera phone in 2005).

You wouldn’t see this photo and immediately go book a vacation there, is what I’m saying.

That works out to almost $100 per page view, and comes nowhere close to any actual damages we may have inflicted on the photographer with our use of the image.

The photographer wasn’t famous, the photo wasn’t important (there was no grassy knoll or celebrity “gotcha” moment) and the photographer’s other works sold for nowhere near that amount.

Had we been a smaller company and didn’t think to negotiate a settlement, we could’ve been put out of business.

To be honest, had this happened within the first few months of starting the company, we would’ve probably closed up shop and run back to living one third of our lives in cubicles, where it’s safe and there’s always health insurance.

Having to pay ,000 in copyright infringement penalties for it.

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