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Kate went off alone, and when her ticket returned her to New York City, she got a job there, at magazine, as a temp. Meanwhile, Andy decided Arizona wasn’t a great place to start an ad agency. “The golf trade.” He sold the agency, went east to see Kate, and landed a copywriting job at Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyon & Eckhardt.

“Andy and Kate grew up in suburbia, and I think that there’s this sense in all of us who grew up in the suburbs, watching our parents and now realizing you are your parents—what about that is the same and what about that is different?

There is a sense of intellectual curiosity mixed with style mixed with the classics that defines the brand. doesn’t make myths in the Ralph Lauren mode, or seek Nirvana like Donna Karan.

Using paper, she designed a prototype for the kind of bag she herself wanted to carry but could never find: good-natured, ladylike, with echoes of Mom’s mid-century, short-handled bag (the kind that could stand up on its own), but stripped of decorative busyness on the outside, pared down to a sculpted stroke of color or patterned fabric.

It was so pared down that Kate took the label from the inside and stitched it to the outside—so the eye would have a place to go.

I could just hear it in my head: ‘Well, you got a little big for your britches, did ya?

’”Kate didn’t have a day of design training, and she had not been artistic as a child—“Students were pulled aside to spend more time in art class,” she says, “and I wasn’t one of them.” But she did have a distinctive personal style (she’s been likened to both Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn, and is right in between), and she’d studied the accessories market for years.

It’s a wonderful positioning.”Kate and Andy both had childhoods in which their parents divorced yet stayed close to raise the children. It doesn’t see happiness as antithetical to reality.

Maybe this is why a world of airbrushed perfection is not part of their aesthetic. “It’s not so much idealized—there seems to be more emotional resonance.

Kate and Andy Spade have built a million business, updating echoes of their midwestern childhoods in the fresh classic design of stationery, shoes, eyewear, men’s accessories-and now fragrance. In other words, they’re having fun being exactly who they are.

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