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In any case, it is imperative to contact a criminal lawyer to defend these types of cases.Most forgery cases are tried on a state level using state-mandated penalties.

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Laws regarding backdating checks

But forgery is also a federal offense, and in some circumstances the federal courts will try forgery cases.

How much money was to be gained through the forgery is the main factor in determining a penalty for the crime.

But most penalties for forgery will include a combination of restitution and jail time, the length of which depends on the severity of the crime.

First offenses for smaller amounts of money will receive the more lenient sentencing.

Wages must be paid regular wages within 5 days of the end of the pay period.

Overtime or exception pay must be paid within 16 days of the end of the pay period.

Some common controls include lockboxes for petty cash, key cards for warehouses and unique passcodes for employees using cash registers.

These controls may also be digital, such as requiring a password to access the company's computer system.

Failure to do so shall raise a rebuttable presumption that the employer did not pay the required minimum wage rate.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board's generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, set the accounting standards a United States company must follow.

Forgery is commonly thought of as the white collar crime of signing another person’s name to a document, like forging signatures on a check, for instance.

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