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But can the viral phenomenon actually help them find success?

These helpers look at your online profile, pictures and preferences, then set you up on a real blind date with someone they believed would be a good fit. The company has only had limited traction in the years since, however, claiming to have arranged “thousands” of fixups across the U. It hasn’t taken in any significant outside funding – only $100,000 according to Crunch Base – nor has it invested in a native mobile application.

That hasn’t stopped it from latching on to Pokémon as a means of getting its name back out there, and potentially growing its user base.

Shaveducking: Confusion over whether you're dating someone for them or their attractive beard.

Sidebarring: If a significant other keeps checking their phone or social media while on a date, they're 'sidebarring' you.

Cuffing season: Finding a significant other just for the season.

Cushioning: Dating someone but you know it's not going to end well.

If you've decided you don't want to chat to someone any longer, that's fine.

'' But if they're simply not your cuppa and haven't been an ass, try to leave them with a compliment or some constructive feedback so they feel bolstered to keep on looking for love.

Speaking to the IBTimes UK, Superdrug Sex Educator Alix Fox encouraged those looking for love to be friendly to matches they're not interested in.

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