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The next year, the two also starred opposite Jodie Foster in the movie Nell (1994), and were married in July of that year.Leading roles as the 18th century Scottish Highlander Rob Roy (1995) and the Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins (1996) followed, and soon Neeson was solidified as one of Hollywood's top leading men.

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It was here that he was spotted by director John Boorman and was cast in the film Excalibur (1981) as Sir Gawain, his first high-profile film role.

Through the 1980s Neeson appeared in a handful of films and British TV series - including The Bounty (1984), A Woman of Substance (1984), The Mission (1986), and Duet for One (1986) - but it was not until he moved to Hollywood to pursue larger roles that he began to get noticed.

However, that relationship appears to have been short-lived - Neeson was openly affectionate with actress Brent when they hit the red carpet in London for the premiere of their new movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader last week (30Nov10).

The stars smiled for the cameras as the Irish actor embraced Brent from behind, keeping her warm in the chilly temperatures.

Describing her sudden death as "a touchy subject", Liam added: "Of course the grief is still there. "I had many little letters, beautiful little cards scrawled from people after her death. That means a hell of a lot to me." The actor was previously in a two year relationship with British publicist Freya Johnston, but that came to an end in 2012.

An insider told the at the time: "He told her he wanted to spend more time in New York and that he really wants to make more time for his children.

William John ' Liam' Neeson Honorary OBE, born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland on June 7, 1952, is an Oscar-nominated Northern Irish actor.

Actor Liam Neeson is fully back on the dating scene, a year after losing his wife Natasha Richardson - he's reportedly romancing his movie co-star LAURA BRENT.

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