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Based on the random identification number in the cookie, Adform for a certain period stores the information that interest was shown in a particular product or advertiser in terms of, for example, a click, visit, mouse-over, search or similar interaction tracked by the advertiser.

Therefore, if cookies with similar characteristics to that of a given viewer indicate interest in an advertisement, then it is very likely that this advertisement will appear.

For example, if visitors browsing on an i Pad on a Formula 1 site show strong interest in an advertisement for a new i Pad subscription to Motor Magazine, then other users on i Pads visiting the same Formula 1 site are very likely to be shown that particular advertisement.

To decide which ads to display, such as showing similar products to those a visitor has looked at before.

Adform uses a cookie mechanism for this purpose, but only on an anonymous basis.

Using the cookies’ random identification numbers, Adform collects and stores in the cookie-based profiles anonymous information such as: operating system, browser version, geographic location, URLs on which Adform displays advertisements, or facts about interactions with advertisements (such as number of clicks or views).

During web requests to Adform web-servers, our system is exposed to the IP addresses from internet users.

All the above techniques can be used not only to decide what ad to show, but also whether to show it.

Through real-time-bidding or similar technologies, advertisers can use the above technologies for deciding who it is relevant to display their ads for and not showing it to others.

Adform’s technology allows advertisers to collect and store non-identifying data about Internet users and use them for analysis and online behavioural advertisements.

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