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This finding may have many ramifications in understanding perception and consciousness, perhaps the most exciting of which is its potential to help us understand our Working Memory, a type of memory almost defined by being apparently limited to a small set of things we can hold and work with in our minds.

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Moreover, these studies have traditionally evaluated the response of single neurons to single stimuli sources, like a sound.

In the real world, though, our brains rarely encounter isolated single stimuli, but rather must juggle several, such as the sound of a conversation with a friend at a noisy party with others talking and music playing. A new study by Researchers at Duke University is now helping to answer this question.

In short, their findings reveal that neurons can handle encoding and attending to multiple stimuli at once by rapidly alternating between them, sometimes in fractions of a second (sometimes longer).

This is similar to classical techniques used to allow multiple phone calls to be managed on a single telephone wire.

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