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, Block 03, --age 57yr Fischer, Infant, Block 04, --Next to Karl A.

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Lipcke silver berlin dating

, Block 02, --burial date, see record book Foiles, Harris B. , recieving vault Foogman Family Stone, Block 01 Foogman Family Stone, Block 02, --Clara L., Nellie A., Gustave W.

, Block 23, --WW II, Wis Tec 5 810 Sig Service BN Flood, John C. , Block 21, --s/o John & Anna Downer Flood, 3yrs old Flood-Bischoff family stone, Block 23, --Anna L, John C, Evelyn, Gerald Foiles, Etta (Harris B.), d. , Block 02, --burial date, see obit & record book Foley, Joan Ryan (Thomas Stewart), b. , Block 37, --(m)08-1955, d/o Joseph & Berdie Trojnick Ryan, see obit Foley, Thomas Stewart (Joan Ryan), b. , Block 37, --(m)08-1955, see obit Fontaine, Albina-Mrs., d. , Block 01, --82yrs old, see obit Foogman, Clara Louise Von Gonten (Gustav W.), b.

, Block 21, --burial date, Portage Fire Dept., see obit & record book Finkenstein, Barbara A., d.

, Block 04, --Hard to read dates Fischer, Bernhard, Block 04, --Next to Karl A.

, Block 25 Feist, Le Roy Carl"Lee" (Jackie Page), b. , Block 11, --(m), s/o Carl & Eleanor Bethke Feist, see obit Felgenheuer, Albert (Paulena Gerlach), b. , Block 21, --see obit Felgenheuer, Paulena Gerlach (Albert), b. , Block 21, --see obit Felt Family Stone, Block 01, --Broken, half buried stone Felt, Amos (Lucinda L.), d.

, Block 04, --On stone with Rose Davis, d/o Amos, see obit Fenner Pillar, Block 03, --fenner/mitelsteadt/bohn Fenner, Bertha Zunker (Herman J.), b.

, Block 06, --61yrs old Ferguson, John (Ann Coen), d. Inverness shire Scotland, 64 yr old Ferguson, Martha (Donald), d. , Block 06, --s/o Henry & Jane Fidlin, 55yrs old Fidlin, Jane (Henry)--maybe Fiddlin?

, Block 04, --Nee Strahom, 43 yr old Ferguson, Elizabeth--Miss Lizzie, d. , Block 05, --burial date, 76yrs old, info from obit Fidlin, James Edward or Edward James, d.

GPS: 43.549157, -89.485366 Cemetery Rd Portage, WI 53901 Published: September 22, 2016 Total records: 7,576 Transcription 2004 by Anna Mae Axness and many volunteers (volunteers are listed with Portage Library file).

Some data from Betty Cook's files of 1992 and Veteran's list.

, Block 20, --Mother, see obit Farnsworth, Jeane, b. , Block 20, --burial date, transfered to Blk 20 from Blk 7, d/o Walter & Gladys Farnsworth Farnsworth, Walter H.

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