Live 2 way webcam

One limitation we should mention: You might save money with the Intensity Shuttle, but you have to use HDMI.

So unless you’re going to back-convert from SDI to HDMI, you’ll need one of the cameras to be placed within 10 feet of the broadcast setup—which works fine in some scenarios but not all.

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The first is based around a Mac Book Pro, the second incorporates a hardware mixer called ATEM Television Studio, and the third is for PC desktops.

The process outlined in Imry’s original article is still an excellent way to go.

If you have an older professional camera that has HDMI output, this is a good way to convert the signal to SDI and run it long distances.

Kanex Pro HDMI-to-SDI converter A second option utilizes Black Magic’s ATEM Television Studio, an inexpensive video hardware mixer for live multi-camera switching.

Watch Tower Bridge with our London webcam that streams live images of the iconic 19th-century London landmark designed by Sir Horace Jones.

You can also scroll back and watch daily time lapse footage of Tower Bridge.

You can even keep track of when Tower Bridge opens for larger ships that could not otherwise travel upstream.

At night, a stunning lighting system illuminates this major London landmark.

Black Magic ATEM Television Studio Instead of using the computer to switch camera feeds, this entirely separate production switcher unit takes in up to four video sources, both SDI and HDMI.

Because it’s a separate unit, you can get away with a base-level Mac Book Pro, rather than the higher-end model you’d need for Option #1 to handle complex video processing.

If you’ve read our blog before, you’ve probably seen us mention Black Magic’s Ultra Studio Mini Recorder once or twice (or more…).

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