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The answer to this question really depends on the age of your child, maturity level, etc.

Consider that even if the subject matter is difficult to address or you don't want to, it is important that you still talk about it.

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Advise your child the same way you would with offline social problems.

Communication with your child about online interactions is key.

I feel like Instagram is making my 16 year old so self-conscious. I have noticed it’s becoming more common for students to follow/friend their teachers – does this seem appropriate for teens?

She spends a lot more time than she used to making sure she has the right outfit, makeup, etc, just for a normal day. Is there anything in particular I can discuss with my kids to make sure they’re behaving correctly?

It is very easy for certain boundaries to be blurred, particularly online.

That is why I don't recommend that teachers "friend" students. Text messaging is a now available to teens who are uncomfortable making a phone call.This is in addition to the instant messaging or "online chat" that is already available to teens at Send her your questions about social media and teens, managing their screen time and how to teach them about current issues including privacy and cyberbullying.Hi, you can ask, but if your child does not want to share it I would not press the issue.You should approach this in the way you would approach any other instance of lying.

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