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So I insisted he gave up his job and place his savings in a joint account.

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Many submissives have hidden TV tendencies which makes petticoating that much easier. I began by inviting my husband to dinner, and afterwards he helped with the washing up, and was soon adorned in one of my aprons.

I let him get used to that, then on one occasion I spilled soup over his suit.

Quite often, to add still further to his humiliation, some of my women friends are present and to be bathed like this in front of them, and then to have to suffer the awful indignity of being diapered and put into baby clothes to the accompaniment of their joking comments and merciless teasing never fails to reduce him to tears.

He wears nappies and baby dress not only every evening but throughout the weekend.

I have never been addicted to the cane although I do use it when quick, sharp discipline is called for.

I prefer more subtle means and decided to use humiliation.

Having tasted petticoat domination like this as a girl, and enjoyed it so much, I was determined when I married to put my husband under similar control, and it was not difficult to find a meek and very submissive man who would be prepared to accept female authority.

Profiting by Vernon’s reactions to the use of a dummy-teat, I decided that It would be fun to put him into complete baby attire, and so to his intense mortification my great big husband has to wear tiny baby frocks with lots of lacy and be-ribboned petticoats underneath, and—the crowning misery of all—he is kept to the permanent wearing in the house of baby’s nappies. As soon as he gets home from work each day, he is taken upstairs and bathed, then led along to the nursery and fastened up in his nappies and dressed up in all his pretty baby finery.

I shall never forget the first time I pushed him, protesting, carrying a tray of coffee into the living room.

He seemed to freeze and shrink under the laughter of the women.

Of course, after that I used to visit them a lot, and Molly and I would play games in which “Priscilla” was our darling little baby sister, and we found him some dolls and other childish toys to play with.

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