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In 2010, the company filed an IPO and returned to profitability.

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By 1950, all US models are available with an automatic transmission.

In 1910, Durant lost control of GM after acquiring too much debt.

Le tout sur fond d’accession du Parti québécois au pouvoir et d’une forte affirmation du fait français.

Roby ably handles this ensemble drama, seamlessly shifting between the different stories and smartly balancing the big dance-club scenes with the darker, more personal moments.

Went to Customer Assistance Center for resolution, but no resolution.

In 1909, Cadillac and Oakland, which eventually becomes Pontiac, join GM.

But the main man in this sprawling, ambitious period piece is Bastien Lavallée, played by Patrick Huard in one of the finer performances he’s ever delivered.

Arnold KB, Burgener A, Birse K, Romas L, Dunphy LJ, et al.

In 1999, the company acquires a 20% interest in Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru.

In 2000, the company takes full control of Saab and acquires 20% of Fiat.

In 1912, GM introduces the first electric starter in a Cadillac.

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