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(To understand women's desires and feelings, I will suggest you to watch "lust stories" on netflix)The word sacrifice has been used by someone, describing as many opportunities of gay *** encounters lost...The true sacrifice would have been to be completely loyal to your wife (as loyal as you expect her to be towards you) and forgetting your homosexual instincts.Going by your previous posts, I guess you will interpret it as my inability to satisfy women sexually . There are many guys like me who refuse to marry in spite of societal pressure, and I am happy to say our tribe is growing.

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To them, I will say there is a difference between your relationship with other relatives/parents and wife.

Again, your post had reference only to ***, and I know for some people only that matters.

you are free to have a sexual relationship outside marriage, but not your wife.

You have substantiated my reasoning in the second paragraph of your post.

Frankly I believe it is how you can juggle through responsibilities that come with the social institution of marriage and understanding the intrinsic nature if marriage. @fifty, If I read your post clearly, I understand that it is your complex (inferiority) that makes U call me MCP.

I don't want to enter too much into your personal life to excavate the reason for that complex, none of my business :( :( Thats all how I look into what you are saying here.

As Harikr rightly said, None here is against their partner's happiness and all married guys try to keep their family happy.

Happiness of the family is more important than being "Truthful" and confessing everything like a 'fool'.

At the same time, no need to suppress these feelings as long as U can enjoy this short life happily and safely without harming anyone else. Also no pint in crying that I am "unhappily" married, find practical ways to solve it and live happily!! I have never been married but have friends who have married out of pressure and the response is mixed.

Some of them are enjoying their married life albeit the *** (Bottoms basically) but there are some who have just given up and carry on just for the sale of the society aka log kya kahenge.

You are using such words as family bonds and happiness, but it is based on secrecy and cheating.

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