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The interface for Duo is so simple and sparse it almost seems silly to describe it, but here goes.

When you open it, you're greeted with a selfie-cam video preview of yourself.

The easy thing to say is that Duo is taking on Apple's Face Time. But it's also mobile-only and it's one more app you'll need to convince your friends and family to install.

Amit Fulay, group product manager of communications products, told me that "our team's motto when we started the project was: performance is the feature, video is the UI." And even though that might sound like corny Silicon Valley buzzword speak, from what I saw of Duo, it was true.

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Like its companion chat app, Allo, Duo is mobile-only.

It uses your phone number as an identifier, and it will work on both i OS and Android.

Google has lots of nerdy, technical things it can tell you about how it achieved all this.

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